To hold your hands in the journey to better health – naturally!

Our beliefs

We believe that the everyday food we consume is all the medicine the body needs and that when we eat right, healthy living is easy to achieve!

Native medicine of every country is precious and by imbibing its recipes in everyday life, we can be so much healthier and happy. And here we speak not just our physical health but our mental health too. Even ‘stress’ which has become the root cause for so many issues these days can be reduced with natural medicine. When we says native medicine, it needn’t be some drug made by an unknown practitioner who refuses to reveal what the medicine is made of! Simple ingredients found in the kitchen can be transformed into miracle cures.

Meet the medical experts – advisory board

We ensure that our content, services and products follow the best standards as any information pertaining to health needs to be handled with utmost care. We collaborate with various medical experts who bring in their expertise on each topic. We intertwine the inputs obtained from Doctors in the content and present in a way that is convenient for our readers.

<span style="color:#2e5d35" class="has-inline-color"><strong>Dr. Manjiri Nadkarni</strong></span>, <strong><span style="color:#2e5d35" class="has-inline-color">MD</span></strong>“></figure><div class=Dr. Manjiri Nadkarni, MD

Dr Manjiri Nadkarni is a Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine, Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Certified Base Allergy Consultant. She is the President of  Ayurveda Association of Canada and has an M.D in Ayurveda from Gujarat Ayurved University. She was awarded the Charaka Award 2016 for Excellence in Ayurvedic Teaching.

<span style="color:#3a7967" class="has-inline-color"><strong><strong><strong><strong>Dr. Zankhana Buch</strong><br><strong>BAMS, MD</strong></strong></strong></strong></span>“></figure><div class=Dr. Zankhana Buch

Dr. Zankhana Buch is a BAMS and MD in Ayurveda. She works as a medical superintendent and senior physician. She is also a qualified NABH faculty at QCI, New Delhi.

<span style="color:#3a7967" class="has-inline-color"><strong><strong><strong><strong>Dr. Hemapriya Natesan</strong><br><strong>MBBS, AIH</strong></strong></strong></strong></span>“></figure><div class=Dr. Hemapriya Natesan

Dr. Hemapriya is an experienced medical practitioner and certified child nutritionist, along with an occupational health fellowship. She is also the co-founder of the Little Moppet Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps children with congenital heart disease get the treatment they need.

<span style="color:#3a7967" class="has-inline-color"><strong><strong><strong><strong>Dr. R Srivaishnavi</strong><br><strong>BHMS, MD (Homeopathy)</strong></strong></strong></strong></span>“></figure><div class=Dr. R Srivaishnavi
BHMS, MD (Homeopathy)

Dr Srivaishnavi is an Assistant Professor in the
Department of Repertory at
Vinayaka Missions Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital.
She has been a practitioner since 2015 and has specialized in gynecology.

<span style="color:#3a7967" class="has-inline-color"><strong><strong><strong><strong>Dr. Pavithra Dilip</strong><br><strong>Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)</strong></strong></strong></strong></span>“></figure><div class=Dr. Pavithra Dilip
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

Dr Pavithra completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Sri Ramachandra Dental college, Chennai. She has over 15 years of experience in treating various dental ailments.

<span style="color:#3a7967" class="has-inline-color"><strong><strong><strong>Dr. Madhumitha</strong></strong></strong></span><br><strong><strong><strong><span style="color:#3a7967" class="has-inline-color">BHMS,  (Homeopathy)</span></strong></strong></strong>“></figure><div class=Dr. Madhumitha
BHMS, (Homeopathy)

Dr. Madhumitha has completed her Bachelors of Homeopathic Medicine from Government Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, India. She runs her Hompeopathy Clinic – Dr.Madhu’s Homoeo care and provides treatment for various ailments.