Arumgampul (bermuda grass) oil to cure skin rashes and allergies

Arugampul, called as bermuda grass or cynodon dactylon, is a commonly seen grass which we ignore most of the times. But when you know the medicinal properties, you will never look down on it.

This grass has been used in many ancient natural remedies for healing many health issues. The medicinal properties can treat chest congestion, asthma, nasal congestion, cough, anemia, diabetes, menstrual cramps, excess bleeding, acidity, indigestion, stomach ulcers, intestinal inflammation, UTI – urinary tract infection, bowel irritation, oral health and weight loss.

It also helps to reduce the cholesterol levels when consumed regularly which helps to have a healthy cardiovascular system. It is also found that arugampul extract can flush out toxins very effectively and strengthen the nervous system.

The extract of arugampul has the property to heal skin rashes and skin disorders with zero side effects. The anti-inflammatory property helps to reduce irritation and itchiness on the skin. This DIY explains how to prepare arugampul oil, which can be applied externally on the affected area.

Arugampul oil can be used for many skin ailments and also to treat small cuts and wounds. The healing property in it helps to treat rashes, allergies, eye allergies and rashes caused by sun rays. When you use the oil on a regular basis, it helps to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and pollution.

As the extract reduces body heat, it reduces the occurrence of acne and pimples on the skin. It also helps to regulate skin tone and texture by revitalizing the skin cells.

The prepared oil can be stored in an airtight container and used for a month. If you do not get fresh grass, you can buy the dry powder which is available in many herbal stores and mix it with oil and use.

Follow the simple instructions in this recipe to prepare Arugampul oil to treat skin rashes and allergies.


Arugampul (Bermuda grass) oil to cure skin rashes and allergies – DIY

  • 1 handful Arugampul ((Bermuda grass))
  • 1 tablespoon Coconut oil
  1. To prepare arugampul oil, you need fresh arugampul (bermuda grass) and coconut oil.
  2. First, clean the grass and chop it.
  3. Add to a blender.
  4. Blend it with little water.
  5. Now, add coconut oil to a pan.
  6. Switch on the flame. Once the oil is hot, add the blended grass to it. Let it boil for 10 minutes. Wait until the oil turns green.
  7. Let it cool. Once, cooled, strain it.
  8. Oil to treat skin rashes and allergies is ready.

Instructions to use:

  1. Clean the affected area with warm water.
  2. Pat dry with a clean towel.
  3. Apply the oil on the affected area.
  4. Let it stay on the skin for many hours.


Kripa Sivasubramanian, MBA, earned her Master’s degree in Business. After a long stint in the Technology sector, she took up courses in natural medicine and yoga. Ms. Kripa is certified in Ayurvedic yoga for Dosha. She is also certified by Stanford University School of Medicine in Introduction to Food and Health.