Curryleaves to cure gastritis and diarrhea

Gastritis is an inflammation or erosion of the lining of the stomach that can cause irritation and pain. Gastritis can affect due to excessive alcohol consumption, stress or sometimes even medications can be a reason. Diarrhea can make your stools very loose and increase the number of bowel movements.

For both the conditions, curry leaves can be used as a cure. Follow the instructions in this DIY to prepare the drink.


DIY – Curry leaves to cure astritis and diarrhea

  • 1 handful Curry leaves ((fresh))
  • 1/2 Lemon
  • Water
  1. To prepare this drink, you need fresh curry leaves and lemon, water as required.
  2. Take a handful of clean curry leaves.
  3. Add the leaves to a blender.
  4. Add required amount of water and blend it well.
  5. Strain the blended fluid and extract the juice of curry leaves.
  6. Squeeze few drops of lemon juice to it.
  7. Mix well and your drink is ready.

Prepare and drink this everyday or as and when required to find relief from irritation.

Kripa Sivasubramanian, MBA, earned her Master’s degree in Business. After a long stint in the Technology sector, she took up courses in natural medicine and yoga. Ms. Kripa is certified in Ayurvedic yoga for Dosha. She is also certified by Stanford University School of Medicine in Introduction to Food and Health.