Gotu kola cure bed sores

Studies show that the properties of Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) can help to heal bed sores or pressure sores. These leaves have excellent wound healing properties and find a special place in traditional medicine.

When consumed internally, Gotu kola leaves have the below benefits:

  1. Gotu kola leaves can improve memory, prevent memory loss, prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  2. These leaves can cure stress, relieve anxiety and depression and keeps the mind healthy. Due to this reason, a tea made using Gotu kola are used to treat insomnia.
  3. Gotu kola leaves can heal minor wounds and cuts, and cure various skin ailments. Skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema can be cured using the leaves of Gotu kola.
  4. Edema in the ankle can be reduced by drinking a concoction using Got kola (Vallarai) leaves. Pregnant women can also drink this tea once or twice a week for overall health, reduced stress and prevention of edema.
  5. An extract of Gotu kola leaves can help in pain management – it can reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. It is hence effective for those suffering from knee and joint pain.
  6. Traditionally, Gotu kola has also been used in the treatment of venous diseases such as varicose veins.
  7. The leaves have been used to cure stretch marks and it has excellent healing properties.

Studies show that an ointment made using Centella asiatica leaves can improve the healing time of pressure sores by more than 1.5 times the usual time.

Here is the recipe to make an easy to use paste using Gotu kola leaves, wild turmeric and water.

Gotu Kola to cure Bedsores – Natural remedy

  • 15-20 leaves Gotu Kola (Vallarai in Tamil. )
  • 2 teaspoons Wild turmeric powder (Kasthuri manjal in Tamil)
  • 2-5 teaspoons Water
  1. Use Gotu Kola leaves, water and wild turmeric powder to
  2. Take the leaves of Gotu Kola in a mortar. Add a couple of teaspoons of water to make grinding possible.
  3. Crush well.
  4. Add wild turmeric powder. If wild turmeric isn’t available, you can use turmeric instead.
  5. Crush well to get a smoother paste.
  6. Done.

Directions for use:

Apply the paste on the bedsores. You can apply this paste thrice a day to cure bedsores.

Ramya Srinivasan, PDGBA, earned her Master’s degree in Business. As a result of her passion in native medicine, she got her Diploma in Traditional Siddha Medicine from Bharat Sevak Samaj registered under the Indian Planning Commission. She is certified by Stanford University School of Medicine in Introduction to Food and Health.