Orange peel face mask

The skin of oranges or orange peel are enriched with Vitamin C and these are excellent for skin care.

The probiotic present in yogurt can give your skin a natural glow. It can soothe the skin and also make skin more soft and supple. Orange peel on the other hand can hydrate skin natural, reduce blemishes, reduce pigmentation and make the complexion of the skin even and clearer.

Research evidence(s)

Evidence 1

As from related research and application suggestions, C. aurantium (bitter orange) can be used to prevent skin fragility and perks up skin tone, and metabolism boosting.


African Journal of Plant Science Vol. 5(7), pp. 390-395, July 2011 Available online at ISSN 1996-0824

Evidence 2

Facial packs or masks are popular beauty treatments that are thought to improve skin quality. We formulated a yoghurt pack using natural ingredients (F-YOP), with consideration of skin affinity, safety, health, and beauty. …. F-YOP exhibited activity on DPPH radical scavenging, SOD-like activity, and lipoxygenase activity. F-YOP treatment successfully improved the moisture, brightness, and elasticity of treated skin.


Yeom, G., Yun, D., Kang, Y., Kwon, J., Kang, I., & Kim, S. (2011). Clinical efficacy of facial masks containing yoghurt and Opuntia humifusa Raf. (F-YOP). J Cosmet Sci, 505-14.

Evidence 3

Probiotics applied topically sit on the skin’s surface and prevent the skin cells from seeing the bad bacteria and parasites that can cause this immune system response. This is known as “bacterial interference,” as probiotics protect the skin and interfere with the ability of bad bugs (or bacteria and parasites) to provoke an immune reaction


American Academy of Dermatology. (2014). Could probiotics be the next big thing in acne and rosacea treatments. Schaumburg.

Orange peel face mask – DIY

This face mask reduces acne spots, blemishes, sun tan, scars and gives you glowing skin. In addition to these benefits, this face mask also reduces further outbreak of acne. This is an ideal mask for all skin types.

  • 2 Oranges peel
  • 1 teaspoon Yogurt (This quantity is for each use. (Those with oily skin can use rose water instead))
  1. Sun dry orange peel for a few days till the peel is completely dry. I have cut them into small pieces for quicker drying. (For this reason, the ideal time to make this pack is summer)
  2. Once dry, break one or two to check if the moisture is completely gone and move it to a container.
  3. Place the dried peel in a blender.
  4. Blend on high for a few minutes till the peel is powdered well.
  5. If the powder is too coarse, it cannot be used for a pack. So let it not be too coarse.
  6. For each use, take one teaspoon of the powder.
  7. Add a teaspoon of yogurt if you have dry or normal skin. Use a teaspoon of rose water if you have oily skin.
  8. Mix well and apply on your face and neck.
  9. You can store the orange peel pack in an air tight container. Keep it in a cool place away from sunlight and the pack will be good for up to 6 months.

After applying the face pack, keep it on for around 20 – 30 minutes. Then wash off with cold water.

Ramya Srinivasan, PDGBA, earned her Master’s degree in Business. As a result of her passion in native medicine, she got her Diploma in Traditional Siddha Medicine from Bharat Sevak Samaj registered under the Indian Planning Commission. She is certified by Stanford University School of Medicine in Introduction to Food and Health.