prevent dengue naturally

Dengue, the dreaded fever caused by mosquitoes has become common in many parts of the world. While early detection can help to cure the fever, the fever causes fatigue, headache and intense pain in many parts of the body. There is no vaccine available to prevent the occurrence of dengue. Hence it is always better to prevent dengue by following some of these natural ways of protection.

Nocchi leaves (Nirgundi or Chinese chaste tree)

There are two ways to use nocchi leaves:

Method 1:

Take fresh leaves of Chinese chaste tree.

Sun dry the leaves till they are crisp.

Powder well.

Burn the powder using hot coal and spread the smoke (Not too much smoke) throughout the house.

Method 2:

Essential oils made using Nocchi leaves are available.

Using a diffuser, spread the fragrance of the oil in your homes.

You can also spray the oil in places around your house where mosquito stagnation is generally seen. Both the above options are better than using chemical mosquito repellents.

Nocchi dengue

No water stagnation

Ensure there is no stagnated water in or around your house. Keep bathrooms and kitchen sinks clean. Use natural mosquito repellants to wash your bathroom floor regularly. Keep your garden clean. Do not keep the garden soil soggy. Too much water can again cause mosquitoes to breed in your garden.


Camphor has been known to help in the prevention of mosquitoes. Powder camphor (or just break into small pieces) Place the broken camphor on a plate. Pour some water on the camphor and leave it corners of all rooms.

This helps to reduce mosquitoes although from personal experience I can say that, this only reduces the number and I still happened to find a few in the room after trying this.

Another way to use camphor is by doing the following:

  • Powder camphor.
  • Mix the camphor powder in coconut oil. Apply this on your skin like a lotion to prevent mosquito bites.

This method is very effective.

Scientific evidence:

At concentrations of 12.5% B. spartioidesR. officinalis and A. citriodora showed the longest repellency times. Comparisons of the principal components of each EO suggest that limonene and camphor were the main components responsible for the (mosquito) repellent effects.


Y.G. Gillij, R.M. Gleiser, J.A. Zygadlo, Mosquito repellent activity of essential oils of aromatic plants growing in Argentina, In Bioresource Technology, Volume 99, Issue 7, 2008, Pages 2507-2515, ISSN 0960-8524,


Neem leaves

remedies for eosinophilia

The bitterness in neem leaves makes it an excellent mosquito repellent. To naturally safeguard yourself from dengue and other diseases, take bath in neem water every day.

This is how you do it –

  1. Take about 20 neem leaves. Wash them.
  2. Take about 30 litres of water and put the leaves in it.
  3. Let the leaves soak in water overnight.
  4. Take bath in this neem leaves water.

Do this daily. This is an excellent way to prevent various skin diseases.

Neem water can also prevent acne, keep skin glowing, protect you against various diseases and treat boils.

Washing your hair and scalp with neem water can prevent dandruff naturally.

Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Tulsi or holy basil is a leaf that has been used for centuries in India for its Ayurvedic medicinal properties. While the benefits offered by Holy basil are innumerous when consumed internally or used topically, here we would focus only on how Holy Basil can be used to get rid of mosquitoes.

Tulsi dengue

Method 1:

  1. Take the leaves of Tulsi.
  2. Crush them well with water.
  3. Take the extract.
  4. Apply the extract on all exposed areas.

This can be done at night before bed. The extract is dark green in colour and hence you may not prefer this when you go out. This is an excellent option to protect infants and toddlers from mosquito bites at night since this is very gentle on their skin.

Method 2:

Use the essential oil of Holy Basil to ward off mosquitoes.

You can use a diffuser to spread the oil throughout your home. You can also mix Tulsi essential oil with coconut oil in the ratio 1:5 and apply on all exposed areas.

Citronella ointment/oil

Citronella or lemon grass is a medicinal plant that is very effective in keeping insects and mosquitoes away.

There are two ways to use citronella grass as a mosquito repellent.

Method 1

  • Take the fresh leaves of citronella and sun dry them.
  • Burn the dried leaves and spread the smoke to all rooms.

lemon grass

Method 2

  • Make an extract of fresh citronella leaves. (You can also use citronella essential oil instead)
  • Mix this in coconut oil and apply on all exposed areas.

Here is how you can make an oil using citronella at home. Detailed steps with pictures are provided in the tutorial.

Nilavembu (Kariyat extract)

I saved this one for the last since this is one of the most effective natural remedies to not only prevent but also cure dengue.

How to make nilavembu kudineer?

  1. Take the fresh leaves of Nilavembu (or Kariyat). About 4-5 leaves should suffice.
  2. Take 200 ml water in a vessel.
  3. Add the leaves.
  4. Boil till the water reduces by half.
  5. Add a teaspoon of black pepper powder and mix well.
  6. Switch off.
  7. Now add just a pinch of jaggery powder and mix.
  8. Strain well and drink.

Consume this nilavembu kudineer every day to protect yourself from various diseases including dengue.

Stay healthy!

Ramya Srinivasan, PDGBA, earned her Master’s degree in Business. As a result of her passion in native medicine, she got her Diploma in Traditional Siddha Medicine from Bharat Sevak Samaj registered under the Indian Planning Commission. She is certified by Stanford University School of Medicine in Introduction to Food and Health.