Diarrhea or frequent passing of loose stools is common and can be due to various reasons. It could be due to excessive body heat, due to contaminated food, due to intestinal worms or a side effect of fever. Most often, diarrhea can be controlled with the help of herbal remedies. While it is good to have the contamination come out, after a certain extent, it is important to control diarrhea. Else, it could result in dehydration.

Regardless of whether diarrhea is kept under control or not, frequent intake of liquids is essential to prevent dehydration.

The simple home remedies discussed here can treat diarrhea effectively.

Top home remedies for diarrhea

Mango flower

Mango flowers are beautiful and are found generally during the flowering season in mango trees. The flowers are tasty and can be used in making soups and as a garnish in various recipes. The flowers of mango are a rich source of Vitamin C and has the ability to treat diarrhea. The other ingredient used in the recipe, curd / yogurt is a natural pro-biotic and can alleviate the symptoms of diarrhea.


The link here explains the recipe in detail along with the steps.


Consume the mango flower yogurt mix twice daily to treat diarrhea.

Mango flower to cure diarrhea

Whole Lemon

There are various siddha remedies that can be used to cure diarrhea. One effective remedy is using a whole lemon to cure diarrhea and nausea – particularly due to contaminated food. Lemon flushes out toxins from the body and can help to get  rid of the symptoms of diarrhea. I use the term ‘whole lemon’ here because for this remedy  we don’t just use the juice of a lemon but also its skin and seeds. This extract has required pathogens that can stop diarrhea. Salt can re-hydrate and can stop fluid loss due to dehydration. However, use only a little salt as too much salt during diarrhea is not good. Check the quantity mentioned in the recipe and use the specified amount.


Read the recipe here and see how to use a whole lemon to cure diarrhea.


Consume the drink twice or thrice a day to cure diarrhea.

Lemon extract to cure diarrhea

Curry leaves

Curry leaves are rich in Vitamins C, E, amino acids, anti-oxidants and flavanoids. Curry leaves offer excellent benefits for skin, hair and bone health. In addition curry leaves have carbazole alkaloids present in curry leaves can reduce the intensity of diarrhea. Lemon and curry leaves used together can prevent dehydration, reduce the symptoms of diarrhea such as loose stools and nausea due to diarrhea.


An extract made with curry leaves and lemon and the associated steps is shown here. Follow the recipe.


Consume the extract twice a day to treat diarrhea.

Curry leaves to cure diarrhea

Pepper and lemon

A simple herbal preparation made using black pepper corn and lemon can fight bacteria that causes diarrhea. Even if the underlying cause of diarrhea is contaminated food, this remedy can help to soothe the stomach and gradually get rid of the symptoms. The pathogens in lemon can alleviate symptoms and pepper can improve digestion.


Read the recipe with instructions here.


The ideal dosage would be one tablespoon of the preparation once in the morning or afternoon after food.

Lemon to cure diarrhea

Pomegranate leaves

The leaves, peel, seeds and fruit of pomegranate are all known to reduce the severity of diarrhea. The leaves and peel have especially been used for centuries in Siddha medicine to treat diarrhea and dysentery. Pomegranate leaves have astringent properties which can reduce symptoms of diarrhea and can cause a constipating effect in the body. Whatever be the reason for diarrhea, the suggestion would be to pass loose stools a few times at least to get the infection out and then treat with such a remedy. Adding pomegranate fruit to the drink makes it more palatable and improves the effectiveness of the drink.

Do not add sugar, jaggery, palm sugar or honey to the drink.


Refer the recipe here for the steps on how to make a herbal drink with pomegranate leaves and arils to cure diarrhea.


Drink this extract twice a day for severe cases and once a day for moderate levels of diarrhea.

Pomeganate leaves to treat diarrhea

When to go to the doctor?

If in spite of following any of the above remedies, diarrhea does not come under control, please consult with a physician. Keep yourself hydrated with water, tender coconut water, ORS or any such re-hydrating drinks. Tender coconut water is one of the best and natural options during diarrhea. This can also be given to toddlers and infants above the age of 1.

Another option is to consume a porridge made using arrow root powder. Just mix arrow root powder in water, boil for a few minutes till it thickens and then consume.

For a pregnant women suffering from diarrhea, we would suggest the remedy with pepper and lemon. The ingredients used in this are the most common and hence is safest.

Ramya Srinivasan, PDGBA, earned her Master’s degree in Business. As a result of her passion in native medicine, she got her Diploma in Traditional Siddha Medicine from Bharat Sevak Samaj registered under the Indian Planning Commission. She is certified by Stanford University School of Medicine in Introduction to Food and Health.