top remedies to treat sun tan, sun burn and skin darkening

When your skin gets exposed to the sun light for a long time, your skin becomes dark or tanned. Exposure to UV rays (ultra violet) for a certain amount of time is good for skin and general health, as your body gets more of Vitamin D. When your skin is exposed to peak sun/heat for a longer time, your skin gets burnt. It becomes reddish and skin might start to peel. Usually sun burn and tan happens when you stay out in the sun between 11:00am to 4:00pm.

There are many home remedies which can help you ease the irritation and treat sun tan, sun burn and darkening.

Natural remedies to treat sun tan, sun burn and darkening

Cucumber face mask

Cucumber face mask

This face mask soothes and hydrates the skin naturally. It also heals burn and irritation caused by harmful UV rays from sun.

This face mask contains

  • Cucumber is a natural coolant and contains plenty of water in it. Consuming cucumber can help you stay cool. When you apply cucumber on your skin, it helps you heal burn, tan and itchiness caused by it.
  • Turmeric contains a miracle compound called It is a natural anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Heals wounds and cuts effectively.
  • Yogurt cools and soothes the burnt skin. It also provides necessary moisture to hydrate the dry skin.


Follow the instructions in this recipe that explains how to prepare the face mask.


Cucumber face mask can be used every day for quick recovery. This mask can be on hands, neck and other burnt area too.

Tomato to cure sunburn

Tomato to treat sunburn

Sunburn usually leads to high irritation on the skin. Burnt skin turn red and starts to peel. You might feel burning sensation even when a soft cloth touches the skin.

Ingredients in this mixture are

  • Tomato is a natural sunblock and treats sunburn very effectively. Research shows that tomato has the property to protect our skin from harmful UV rays. On regular use of tomato on skin, you might not need a uv block in the long run.
  • Buttermilk/diluted yogurt is a natural coolant and soothes the burnt skin. Buttermilk also hydrates the skin. This reduces the irritation and burning sensation.


Follow the instructions in this recipe to understand how to use tomato and buttermilk to treat sun burn.


This tomato mix can be used many times a day until you find relief.

Coconut milk to treat sunburn

How to use coconut milk to treat sunburns

Apart from tomato, coconut milk treats sunburn very effectively. The easy to make mix contains the below mentioned ingredients.

  • Coconut milk has many health benefits. It is rich in fiber, vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6 and minerals – iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. The anti-inflammatory property in it, helps to heal damaged skin and soothes the irritation caused by sun tan and burn.
    The fat content in coconut milk hydrates the skin and reduces burning sensation.
  • Turmeric is a natural anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal by nature. It is a wonder herb when it comes to treating skin ailments.


This recipe explains how to use coconut milk and turmeric to treat sun burn.


This mix can be used many times a day until you find relief.

Tomato face pack to treat sun tan and darkening

Tomato to cure sun tan

Sun tan is good for health when it is in moderation. When the tan increases, the skin looks very dark and dull. When not treated at the right time, the skin tone might not come back to normal. This natural remedy explains how to use tomato to treat sun tan.

Ingredients used in this remedy are

  • Tomato contains natural property that protects our skin from harmful UV rays. It soothes the skin and treats damaged skin.
  • Lemon is added along with tomato in this remedy. Lemon is used to lighten the skin tone and soothe irritated skin.
  • Gram flour is used in many remedies to treat skin ailments. The coarse nature of the flour, helps to remove dead skin cells, when used like a gentle scrub. It also acts as a thick paste which will hold the pack on the skin for a long time.


Click here to know how to use tomato to treat sun tan and darkening.


This pack can be used thrice a week to remove sun tan and skin darkening

Kripa Sivasubramanian, MBA, earned her Master’s degree in Business. After a long stint in the Technology sector, she took up courses in natural medicine and yoga. Ms. Kripa is certified in Ayurvedic yoga for Dosha. She is also certified by Stanford University School of Medicine in Introduction to Food and Health.