Bullhead to treat dysuria

Dysuria is the feeling of burning sensation and pain when urinating. Dysuria is common both men and women. Urinary tract infection is one of the main causes for dysuria. Infections may occur in any part of the urinary tract including bladder, kidneys, ureters, and urethra. Small caltrops (Nerunji mul) is an excellent herb to treat dysuria. This is one of the ancient herbs that has been used in Ayurveda system of medicine to treat urinary tract problems.

It is called Gokhru in Hindi, Gokshura in Sanskrit, Palleru in Telugu, Nerunji mul in Tamil, Neggilamullu in Kannada, Nerunji in Malayalam, Small caltrops or land caltrops, goats head or bullhead in English.

The remedy

To treat dysuria, take 15 gram of bullhead. Soak the bullhead in water overnight. Strain the water in the morning. Drink twice a day for few days to treat dysuria. Bullhead is considered as one of the primary herbal remedies for any and all diseases related to urinary tract.

How to treat dysuria with bullhead (Nerunji mul) – DIY

  • 15 gram Bullhead (Nerunji mul)
  • 200 ml Water
  1. To make the drink use bullhead (Nerunji mul) and water.

  2. Take 15 gram of bullhead and water. Soak the bullhead in water overnight.
  3. Strain the water in the morning,
  4. If you would like, add some palm sugar and drink.

Directions for use

Drink twice a day for few days to treat dysuria.

Health benefits of nerunji mul

Consuming bullhead powder with milk twice a day for few days treats sexual weakness, erectile dysfunction, and low sperm count.

Decoction made with all parts of bullhead herb cures kidney problems like kidney stone, and recurrent stone formation.

The combination of bullhead powder, Tulsi leaves and dry ginger powder is considered good for coughing.

To treat blood in urine, take the whole plant of bullhead, grind and get the extract. Mix the extract with buttermilk and drink for ten days.

This herb reduces the blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels significantly. Regular consumption of bullhead reduces oxidative stress and blood sugar levels. But diabetic patients please take bullhead only under medical supervision to determine the correct dosage.

It’s diuretic properties has the potential to reduce hypertension. It reduces the symptoms associated with hypertension like headache, insomnia and giddiness.

Caution: This herb is not advisable for children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

Here is the recipe.

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